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Privacy and GDPR

  • Complete assistance to companies operating in Italy and abroad (both EU and non-EU countries)
  • Company context analysis in privacy and data protection domains
  • Gap analysis, assistance in GDPR compliance and new Italian privacy regulation ("Codice Privacy")
  • IT infrastructure development for GDPR compliance
  • Training on Privacy, GDPR, IT policies and business continuity
  • External DPO (Data Protection Officer) service for companies, public offices and corporations
  • Consulting and support to company privacy specialist or privacy manager



Administrative Responsibility (Italian Legislative Decree 231/01)

  • Administrative Responsibility (Italian Legislative Decree 231/01)
  • Implementation of Organizational Models according to Italian Legislative Decree 231/01
  • Risk assessment, organizational setup and ICT domain verification
  • Assistance in definition and adaptation of Organizational and Management Model ("MOG"), Ethical Code, company protocols
  • Participation and direction of Supervisory Boards
  • Trainings about Organizational and Management Model ("MOG") and Italian Legislative Decree 231/01
  • Assistance in the preparation of delegation and power of attorney systems
  • Whistleblowing

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HA Infrastructures

Thanks to the consultancy of our professionals you will be able to make focused investments, with full awareness of your requirements, scalability and adequate performances.

We can offer:

  • Third party offers evaluation
  • Design of HA server systems
  • HA networking and connectivity
  • Business Continuity solution design, with risk evaluation
  • Analysis and estimation of RTO and RPO

Generational Handover

Nobody is a born entrepreneur or leader, even if his or her parents own a company.
As it often happens, an entrepreneur holds at the same time, in whole or in part, the role of owner, business manager and people's boss. These are indeed the competences, in first place the entrepreneurial ones, that need to be developed to ensure a successful generational handover.