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LM Team Srl is a business consulting firm, ranging from SME's to more structured companies, as well as professionals and small start-up's.

Our firm delivers its consulting services with the effective contribution of the founding partners and administrators, as well as the involvement of external professionals and business partners.

We can support you in all aspects of company processes and in addressing all your organizational and compliance needs, thanks to the collaboration that LM Team Srl has with professionals very experienced in organizational models, technology, norms compliance, safety.

The virtuous approach of our consulting framework enables us to offer a multidisciplinary reference for all kind of activities: from basic auditing to organizational support, from advice in initial choices to complete application of organizational models, methods and processes.

Most impactful and topical consulting domains where LM Team Srl operates are:

  • Privacy and GDPR (UE Regulation 679/2016), both on organizational and legal obligations as well as on technical aspects (data protection, adequate measures, cyber security)
  • Work safety (obligations set in Italian D.Lgs. 81/2008)
  • Administrative responsibility of legal entities (Italian D. Lgs. 231/2001), organizational models and supervisory boards
  • Organizational consultancy, patents
  • Design and verification of information systems
  • Design of Unified Communication systems
  • Orgnizational trainings
  • Communications
  • Procedures integration
  • Design Thinking, Team Building


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