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Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a methodology aimed at problem solving and innovative solutions creation.
It is based on collaboration and group creativity, enhancing visual communication techniques and prototype experimentation to boost participant involvement and ease potential solution creation.
Recent studies have shown that the adoption of Design Thinking within the company to help continuous improvement and innovation allows a true quantum leap, up to triple end year profits (source: McKinsey MDI).
Openness, involvement, collaboration and sharing to involve people with diverse competences and viewpoints, to enrich workgroup ability to identify real solutions.
Empathy development, i.e. putting ourselves in others' shoes, is a fundamental aspect of Design Thinking.
How to begin
The best way to learn Design Thinking is to practice it.
LM Team regularly organizes Design Thinking introductory sessions at customer's premises, promoting the development of a new vision to support internal processes improvement intiatives, improve communication and collaboration across work groups.
Use cases
Business plan review, business management systems setup, effective company value communication development, organizational model and management processes review, problem solving and innovative thinking skills."