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Privacy and GDPR

  • Complete assistance to companies operating in Italy and abroad (both EU and non-EU countries)
  • Company context analysis in privacy and data protection domains
  • Gap analysis, assistance in GDPR compliance and new Italian privacy regulation ("Codice Privacy")
  • IT infrastructure development for GDPR compliance
  • Training on Privacy, GDPR, IT policies and business continuity
  • External DPO (Data Protection Officer) service for companies, public offices and corporations
  • Consulting and support to company privacy specialist or privacy manager



Administrative Responsibility (Italian Legislative Decree 231/01)

  • Administrative Responsibility (Italian Legislative Decree 231/01)
  • Implementation of Organizational Models according to Italian Legislative Decree 231/01
  • Risk assessment, organizational setup and ICT domain verification
  • Assistance in definition and adaptation of Organizational and Management Model ("MOG"), Ethical Code, company protocols
  • Participation and direction of Supervisory Boards
  • Trainings about Organizational and Management Model ("MOG") and Italian Legislative Decree 231/01
  • Assistance in the preparation of delegation and power of attorney systems
  • Whistleblowing

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